Digital Files

What is digital resolution?

The difference between High- and Web- Resolution digital files.

high resolution digital file


High-resolution digital files are good for printing up to 8x10/12"-ish (depending on how much the photo was cropped). Includes print release. I cannot guarantee outcome from consumer printers. For best results, order prints from me. Free set of Social Media files with purchase.

web-Res digital file


The files are not large enough resolution to print. They are prepared specifically for web-use and Social Media. Includes photographer’s logo in the corner. Does NOT include a print release.


All purchased digital photos or printed products include standard retouching at the photographer’s discretion. This may include cleaning up pimples, whitening teeth, smoothing skin, scratches + bruises, reducing shadows under eyes, sun spots, splotchy faces, color correction/contrast and light background editing. I will not change who you are. If you have specific requests (scar/mole removal, etc.), please let me know.

Additional retouching available for a fee. This may include changing color of clothing; editing logos from clothing; and change in appearance. Please inquire for price.

Sometimes you don't get a perfect photo. That's ok, but sometimes there's a great fix that would make all the difference. Take a look at what I can do.

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