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    Who are you?

    What do you do? What type of headshot represents you the best?

    For creative types: actors, models, entertainers; or corporate professionals: lawyers, doctors, real estate agents who need one great photo – or several!

    • Headshot Photographer - Female Lawyer Outdoors

      Contemporary On-Location Headshots - $200

      We’ll meet at a location that has great natural backdrops: A park (grass, trees + flowers); the beach (sand + ocean); an urban location (brick, steel + concrete). Client's yards may be an option as well if the light is right.

    • Headshot Photographer - Female Lawyer Outdoors

      Traditional or Studio Headshots - $200

      Come to my home studio, or I'll come to your office/house with backdrops and lights for more traditional head shot portraits. Choose up to three tops for different looks.

    • Group Headshot Photographer - Non=profit

      Multi + Group Discounts

      • (2) - $175/person
      • (5) - $115/person
      • (6-15) - $95/person
      • (16-30) - $65/person
      • ++ Inquire.
    • Headshot Photographer - Makeup and Hair Available
      Headshot Photographer - Makeup and Hair Available

      Hair + Makeup

      Hair and/or makeup available: I work with several talented and skilled hair and makeup artists. The cost is generally around $100 - $300 per look per person, or a day rate for larger groups of people.

    • Headshot Photographer - All Sessions Include

      All Sessions Include

      • Up to 1.5 hours of photography
      • Up to 3 top changes
      • (1) high-resolution (for print) + web-resolution (for website/social media) retouched digital photo.
      • Additional digital and print products available for purchase.
    • Before After
      Facial Photo Retouching Eye Fix Woman before Facial Photo Retouching Eye Fix Woman after


      How far do you go when retouching? She's not a model and she asked me to fix her droopy right eye. I still wanted her to look like herself. See more examples by clicking the buttons below.

    Check out the Headshot Portfolios


    The Rule of Thirds and "Where's the top of my head?"

    Before After
    Best Photo Cropping Woman before Best Photo Cropping Woman-after

    Cropping (4:6 ratio)

    The camera photographs in a 4:6 ratio, which (usually) fits print sizes 4x6, 8x12, etc. Business cards might use a 4:5, 4:6 or 1:1 (square) ratio. Older style website profiiles use a 4:5 or 4:6 (vertical) ratio while the newer style website profiles are usually 1:1 (square) or 5:4 (horizontal) ratio.

    Here are two different crops of the same image. 1) Before: Uncropped 2) After: The top of the head is cropped to focus on the eyes and best use of space and "the rule of thirds."

    Before After
    Best Square Profile Photo Cropping Woman before Best Square Profile Photo Cropping Woman after

    Cropping (square ratio)

    Another reason I crop this way has to do with “the rule of thirds.” The rule of thirds is applied by aligning a subject with the guide lines and their intersection points, placing the horizon on the top or bottom line, or allowing linear features in the image to flow from section to section. In the case of a headshot, I crop so the eyes are in the upper third of the photo.

    This is what profile photos look like on Facebook, Linked In, etc. As you can see in the after image, most of the photo features you, as opposed to that empty space around your head, again following "the rule of thirds.

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