Photo-Retouching - Head Swapping Child
Photo-Retouching: Replace Sky in Photo
Photo-Retouching - 21 Year Old Woman Model
Photo-Retouching - Fix Excess Clothing
Photo-Retouching - Underexposed Photo
Photo-Retouching - Replacing Background and People
Photo-Retouching - Woman Over 50

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retouching services

beyond the click of a button

Not every photo is perfect. I have 15 years of Photoshop and photo-retouching. I can borrow eyes or a face from one photo and replace it on another photo. I can add a sky where there was none. I can modify backgrounds and merge images. I do facial retouching and body shaping.

standard retouching

Standard retouching is done at the photorapher's discretion. This may include: cleaning up pimples, whitening teeth, smoothing skin, scratches + bruises, reducing shadows under eyes, sun spots, splotchy faces, color correction/contrast and light background editing.

special retouching

Additional retouching is available for a fee. This may include: eye, head or body swapping; changing color of clothing; editing logos from clothing; adding skies/sunrises/sunsets; changing backgrounds or cominbing images


Please Contact Me for pricing on your image(s).


Sometimes you don't get a perfect photo. That's ok, but sometimes there's a great fix that would make all the difference.

Before After
Facial Photo Retouching Young Woman before Facial Photo Retouching Young Woman after

Facial Retouching (21 year old)

Even 21 year olds need some retouching. Professional digital camera resolution will show every detail of a person's face. This was a fashion portrait and she had full makeup on. Note the eyes are brighter and shaper as well.

Before After
Facial Photo Retouching Older Woman before Facial Photo Retouching Older Woman after

Facial Retouching (Over 50)

How far do you go when retouching? She's a lawyer, not a model. Let's just say she's over 55... she wanted retouching and I still wanted her to look like herself. Keep in mind that this image is used on her website in a much smaller size.

Before After
Photography Retouching Eye Swap before Photography Retouching Eye Swap after

Eye Swap

The boy closed his eyes for a split second, so I borrowed just his eyes from another photo in the same series.

Before After
Photography Retouching Head Swap before Photography Retouching Head Swap after

Head Swap

The boy on the right was in-between smiles so I borrowed a head from another photo in the same series.

Before After
Photography Retouching Neck before Photography Retouching Neck after

body mishaps

This is such a cute photo, but the daughter made a funny bulge on mom’s neck with her fingers. Mom loved this photo and asked me if I could fix it for the final image.

Before After
Photography Retouching Clothing before Photography Retouching Clothing after

clothing mishaps

For this engagement session, the bride-to-be wore a loose fitting shirt that hung too low when she bent over She’s not pregnant, so she didn’t want to look that way.

Before After
Photo Retouching Complex Background before Photo Retouching Complex Background after

Background Retouching (Cropping and replacing)

Mom ordered a 12x12 photo album and loved the photo of her and baby boy so I retouched out the rest of the family and replaced the background behind them. It’s also been cropped to a square shape for the album.

Photo-retouching Los Angeles - Merging Two Images

Background Retouching (Merging Two Images)

It was a foggy sunset for this engagement. I didn't love either of these images by themselves, but I loved the background with the birds and lifeguard stand. I took the couple from the top image and merged it with the background in the bottom image.

Photo Retouching Los Angeles - Background Editing for Photo Album before

Removing distractions and adding background

This is the original image as it was photographed. You can't count on a completely empty beach in Los Angeles, so I edit out distractions.This image was used for a wraparound 12x12 photo album cover.

Photo Retouching Los Angeles - Background Editing for Photo Album after

Final Image used in photo album

I retouched out distracting items from the background, added a sky with clouds and added background to the left side of the image so that it would fit the wraparound image on the 12x12 Photo Album Cover. You can see the whole album by clicking HERE.

Before After
Photo Retouching Los Angeles Underexposed before Photo Retouching Los Angeles Underexposed after


I wanted to catch this moment. The result is an underexposed image. With some tweaking of colors and contrast, I was able to save what turned out to be an amazing image.

Before After
Photo Retouching Los Angeles Overexposed before Photo Retouching Los Angeles Overexposed after


This was a test shot. I knew my clients would love it but it didn’t adjust very well in color so I converted it to black and white. It was one they ended up buying because of my extra effort.

Before After
Photo Retouching Add Sky before Photo Retouching Add Sky after

sky swap

Los Angeles has some beautiful sunsets, but sometimes the sky doesn't have enough clouds to show good color and contrast. For this engagement, the clouds obscured the sunset and made for a very flat sky. The retouched version (with a new sky added) is much more colorful and dynamic.

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